Succession Planning is not a Project but a Process

In over 45 years of assisting family-owned businesses in passing the business from one generation to the next, the statistical data has not changed much. Only 30 percent survive when passing from the first generation to the second and only 12 percent survive to the...

Financing Succession in the Family Business

One of the least recognized difficulties in planning for succession in the family- owned business is how to finance it, i.e., what are the capital requirements to have a succession be successful. Since many businesses don’t have a succession plan anyway, they are at...

Avoiding Conflicts in the Family Business

History is replete with family owned businesses that have endured intense family conflicts, which have resulted in the sale of companies at undervalued prices or liquidations and the creation of permanent rifts in families. Such conflicts...

The Economic Backbone of America

Since 2008 family businesses have borne the brunt of much of the financial difficulties, tax and regulatory burden that has emerged from our country’s experiment with socialism. From TARP to Qualitative Easing to Dodd-Frank to Fed Policy to...


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