1. Thou Shalt Share Thy Dream with Thy Family.

2. Thou Shalt Inform Thy Managers and Employees,
“This Company Will Continue Forever.”

3. Thou Shalt Develop a Workable Organization and Make it Visable on a Chart.

4. Thou Shalt Continue to Improve Thy Management Knowledge,
That of Thy Managers and of Thy Family.

5. Thou Shalt Institute an Orthodox Accounting System and Make Available
the Data to Thy Managers, Advisors, and Directors.

6. Thou Shalt Develop a Council of Competent Advisors.

7. Thou Shalt Submit Thyself to the Review of a Board of Competent Outside Directors.

8. Thou Shalt Choose Thy Successor(s).

9. Thou Shalt Be Responsible That Thy Successor(s) be Well Taught.

10. Thou Shalt Retire and Install Thy Successor(s) With Thy Power Within Thy Lifetime.

11. Thou Canst Not Take It With Thee – So Settle Thy Estate Plans – Now.

12. Thou Shalt Apportion Thy Time to See That These Commandments Be Kept.

From Beyond Survival, A Guide for Business Owners and Their Families
by Leon Danco, PhD